Quicken®CLP - Tactical Diamond Coating™ - DoD Approved
MIL-PRF-63460E    The ONLY weapons approved diamond coating in the US military & NATO.
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Quicken®CLP Tactical Diamond Coating

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Product is currently available in compact containers with blunt needle applicators.

3ml   $30.00 (equivalent to a quart of old CLP)         Treats about 30 handguns
7ml   $50.00 (equivalent to a half gallon of old CLP) Treats about 100 handguns
14ml $100.00 (equivalent to a gallon of old CLP)      Treats about 200 handguns

Don't break your back lugging gallons of oil to battle, Quicken®CLP Tactical Diamond Coating works even after the carrier oil is gone. Apply to the friction surfaces, about 6 drops to a hand gun or 15 drops to a rifle and cycle repeatedly. After 15 to 20 cycles you will feel friction leaving the action, and the more the weapon is cycled, the smoother and better treated the weapon will be. After shooting a couple hundred rounds or more, clean the weapon, reapply and cycle the action more.

USA sales ONLY due to US Government restrictions under ITAR.

Contact us for OEM Licensed use per specification.
MIL-PRF-63460E amd3

Due to ITAR civilian sales are limited to within the USA. Military and NATO sales are worldwide.

Until SAIC contracts for our products, all Military sales will receive their discount and must be placed directly through NanoLube, Inc at 630-706-1250. Feel free to call in an order, request a paypal invoice or see our original
Quicken®CLP page at

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